Netflix subscribers are the target of a ‘relatively well-designed’ email scam

An email scam targeting Netflix users aims to gather users’ subscriber information.

The suspicious emails tell recipients that their Netflix billing information needs updated and takes them to a fake Netflix website. There they are asked to log in and enter information including credit card numbers. 

The scam emails are “relatively well-designed,” said Australian cyber security firm MailGuard in a blog post which noted the emails began targeting email accounts Friday. “Of course, this website is completely bogus and is just a mechanism for the scammers to steal the victim’s identity and credit card information.”

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New Email Scam Using Fake Netflix Website

On its website, Netflix says that it may email users asking them to come to website to update information. “If you’re unsure about a link in an email, you can always hover your cursor over the link to see where it directs in which you can see the real linked web address at the bottom of most browsers,” the company says. For more information go to

Netflix said in a statement Monday it takes “the security of our members’ accounts seriously and Netflix employs numerous proactive measures to detect fraudulent activity to keep the Netflix service and our members’ accounts secure. Unfortunately, these scams are common on the internet and target popular brands such as Netflix and other companies with large customer bases to lure users into giving out personal information.”

A well designed Netflix email targets some of the 110 million Netflix subscribers worldwide! Check out the steps:

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