The smart humanoid robot that will help in grocery warehouses

Grocery company Ocado has unveiled a prototype humanoid robot called ARMAR-6 that will help maintenance staff keep the warehouses running smoothly

If armies of Terminators start wiping out humanity, their ancestors might be traced to an upmarket grocery home delivery service that sells fancy toilet roll.

Ocado Technology, the innovation arm of the grocery retailer, today unveiled the first prototype of its SecondHands project, a humanoid robot called ARMAR-6 that will one day shadow and collaborate with maintenance workers in Ocado’s three warehouses in the UK.

The grocery company wants ARMAR-6 to learn to understand what people are working on, anticipate any help they might need, and step in with manual assistance at the appropriate time. For example, if a technician asks for a spanner, the robot should identify the tool among others in a toolkit, use its natural language skills to ask the technician “Do you mean this spanner or that one?”, and then hand it

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